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i could not tell you the last time i felt this terrible about my life.
things have been steadily horrible for awhile now, and i can't really ignore it anymore.

i can't even imagine what my future will be like at this point, because part of me always feels like i don't really have one. whatever that means.
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"Theater Pulls Trailer for 'United 93'"

NEW YORK - A New York City movie theater has pulled the trailer for
"United 93," which chronicles in real time the hijacked United Airlines
flight that crashed into a Western Pennsylvania field on Sept. 11.

The AMC Loews Lincoln Square 12 theater in Manhattan said it made the
decision after viewers complained they found it too upsetting.

"I don't think people are ready for this," theater manager Kevin
Adjodha said.

"One lady was crying," Adjodha told Newsweek. "She was saying that we
shouldn't have played the trailer. That this was wrong."

Universal Studios in Los Angeles, meanwhile, said it would go ahead
with plans to show the trailer for the thriller, which is scheduled to
open in theaters on April 28.

Adam Fogelson, Universal's president of marketing, said the trailer
would be shown only before R-rated movies or "grown-up" PG-13 ones.

"The film is not sanitized or softened, it's an honest and real look"
at the events of Flight 93, Fogelson told The New York Times in Tuesday
editions. "If I sanitized the trailer beyond what's there, am I
suggesting that the experience will be less real than what the movie itself
is? We as a company feel comfortable that it is a responsible and fair
way to show what's coming."

"United 93" is scheduled to make its world premiere on opening night at
the Tribeca Film Festival in Manhattan.

The festival, which was created to help lower Manhattan recover
economically from the attacks, begins April 25 and runs through May 7.

The trailer begins with images of passengers boarding the plane on a
sunny morning, and builds to a disturbing scene that includes actual news
video of a plane about to hit one of the World Trade Center towers. It
then returns inside Flight 93 as terrorists begin hijacking it and a
passenger calls his family to tell them of the impending disaster.

The Families of Flight 93 have said that Universal Pictures will donate
10 percent of the first three days' grosses to the memorial.

** I was actually in that theater when that happened on friday.

the trailer was really intense, but there were barely anything to it.

i actually heard someone say "oh my god" in the silence.

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tonight in my dorm room there were four RAs, an RD, two emts, and the FIRE DEPARTMENT.

maybe i should have let them take me to the hospital, but the emts were dicks and made it out to be nothing.
im going to see how i feel tomorrow.
i cant believe my ra called 911...